Thursday, August 24, 2017

Birmingham Photo of the Day (59): Alabama Brewing Company

At the source for this photograph, the building is described as "Birmingham's Last Brewery" on 22nd Street and Avenue D, South. Let's investigate.

According to the firm's BhamWiki entry, the Alabama Brewing Company operated from 1897 until Jefferson County enacted prohibition in 1908. The firm had taken over the idle facilities of the Birmingham Brewing Company and produced 5,000 barrels in its first full year. 

Once the local prohibition passed, the company had until May 28, 1908, to sell or destroy its inventory. On that date 300 barrels were poured into the street. The company manufactured ice until 1917. 

Of course, in recent years beer brewing has returned in a big way to both Birmingham and the rest of Alabama. A book on the subject is Carla Jean Whitley's Birmingham Beer published in 2015. A list of breweries in the Birmingham area old and new is here.

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