Friday, November 15, 2019

Woodrow Hall in Woodlawn

A few weeks ago Dianne and I attended some readings and conversation with various fiction authors held at the Desert Island Supply Company in Birmingham's Woodlawn neighborhood. I've written about that event here. I wanted to write a bit in this post about the historic building in which the readings took place.

Woodrow Hall was constructed in 1914 as the Woodlawn Masonic Temple. Woodlawn Fraternal Lodge no. 525 occupied the three-story structure until 2004. Since then the building has been redeveloped into offices and an events center. The aforementioned Desert Island Supply Company offers tutoring and creative writing opportunities for secondary school students. The space is also used for musical performances, readings, and so forth. 

The photos below show part of the building at the Desert Island corner and a few features on the other front corner. All photos are mine unless otherwise noted. Woodrow Hall is located at 5500 1st Avenue North. You can read about the history of Woodlawn here

Photo by Amos Wright

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