Wednesday, January 1, 2020

What's Coming to the Blog in 2020?

What's coming to the blog in 2020 you ask? Beats me, I answer....

For several years now I've posted this sort of item on January 1 listing subjects I hope to cover in the coming year. You can read the 2019 post below; it contains links to 2018 and earlier years.

In 2019 I wrote 110 posts, the most of any year since I began the blog in 2014. That number, though, is inflated by the "Alabama History & Culture News" posts I started adding to the blog in July. This post makes a total of 550 on the blog. 

How many posts from the 2019 list did I manage to write?? Well, other than the ongoing ones--some family history stuff, films with state connections, etc--the only one was "A Legacy and Justice Visit to Montgomery". Seems I'm falling further and further behind... 

The "what's coming" posts are really wishin' and hopin' lists. I have a long list of topics I'd like to write about and naturally, no matter how many I write, it keeps growing. New topics just keep forcing themselves into my consciousness. 

So here are some wishes and hopes for 2020.

-The USS Birmingham & Early Flight

-Tallulah Does Birmingham

-Posts on visits to Scottsboro, Arab, Clanton, Calera, etc

-Alabama Actors R.G. Armstrong & Harry Townes [This one was on the 2019 list also; maybe I'll get it done this year! Of course, that goes for all the unwritten posts on these lists...]


-The Strange Writing Career of Clement Wood

-Movies with Alabama connections: The Fountainhead, The Dragon Painter, Stars in My Crown, Bright Road, Rebel in Town

-I've wanted to do "Did Mobile's Florence Maybrick Murder Her English Husband in 1889?" for a long time, and I really must get to it this year. Such a juicy story!


What's Coming to the Blog in 2019?

Once again I want to start the new blog year at AlabamaYesterdays with a review of past efforts and a list of posts I hope--hope being the operative word--to do in 2019. I note that from the 2018 list, only the posts on Carnegie libraries and P.T. Barnum were actually completed. So all the others remain in the ongoing wish list. That 2018 post includes the lists from previous years as well. There are still a lot of topics waiting patiently for their turn. 

First, let's do the numbers:


A total of 439 posts so far....sheesh....makes me tired just thinking about that...

2019 possible posts:

-Alabama's "Weird Tales" Connections

-Shelby County's Silent Movie Star: Henry Walthall

-Some Old Alabama Postcards (2) [I've acquired a number of new goodies for this post]

-Harriet Martineau Visits Alabama in 1835

-There's a Ticket Stub for That [a journey through 30 or so years of movies, concerts, etc.]. I've actually begun some organizational work behind the scenes on this one, which was also on last year's list. 

-Alabama Actors R.G. Armstrong & Harry Townes [You probably know their faces, since both men had very active film and television careers]

-A Legacy & Justice Visit to Montgomery

-New entries in ongoing series, such as films with Alabama connections

-Family history stuff, such as "A Memory Tour of Huntsville" & "Some Alabamians in New Orleans (2)" [That latter one may become a regular feature as long as our son Amos is living there!]

-The usual crop of posts on "let's connect [fill in the blank] to Alabama!"

-The usual crop of stuff I haven't even thought of yet

I guess I better get to work..

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