Thursday, August 20, 2015

Alabama Book Covers (2): To Kill a Mockingbird

So much has been written about Harper Lee in recent months and previous years that I will forego any comments on her. The Encyclopedia of Alabama has a nice entry

I will note the story my mother Carolyn Shores Wright tells the family. When she was in high school in the late 1940's she did some modeling for Avondale Mills. That job required occasional travel, and sometimes local people would offer the models a room for the night. On a trip to Monroeville she and another model got to sleep in the Lee house and mom in Harper's bedroom. Mom remembers a very high bed. The future author wasn't there, but mom did get to meet her mother, who served them refreshments. Mrs. Lee talked about both her daughters and seemed especially proud of the one who was writing a book. 

The show in Monroeville was held in a local department store that carried products from Avondale Mills. The models were trained by the Dallas Modeling Agency. In a store setting temporary runways would be set up across the counters. Mom opened the show as if she were just waking up and dressed in pajamas and yawning. Near the end she appeared in an evening dress. In between a day's worth of fashions were displayed.

Mrs. Lee offered mom and the other model breakfast the next morning, but they had to decline and join the rest of their group on the bus to their next destination. 

The audio book...

And of course the film....

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