Thursday, August 6, 2015

Alabama Book Covers (1): Novels by Octavus Roy Cohen

Octavus Roy Cohen was an extremely prolific author of dozens of novels and hundreds of short stories. He lived in Birmingham before World War I and during the 1920's; many of his stories are set in the city. During his time in Birmingham he was a member of a group of writers and journalists known as The Loafers

Many of Cohen's stories and novels feature detectives and criminals. Covers of paperback editions of three of his novels are below. Follow the BhamWiki link for more information about Cohen. During his lifetime many films were made based on his stories and novels. 

Octavus Roy Cohen [1891-1959]
Source: BhamWiki

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  1. I love these covers! You don't see cover art like this anymore!

    1. No, you sure don't,unless they are deliberate recreations of the styles of the 1950's and 1960's paperbacks. But at least covers from those decades are well-documented on the web!