Thursday, August 13, 2015

Riverwalking in Tuscaloosa (1)

Recently Dianne and I traveled to Tuscaloosa to visit daughter Becca Leon who's just taken a position as Manager of the Belk Activity Center there. The Belk is part of the extensive offerings of the Tuscaloosa Parks and Recreation Authority or PARA.

We had breakfast at Another Broken Egg located on the Riverwalk, a project of PARA that provides several miles of paved walking/biking trails along the Black Warrior River. As the photos below demonstrate, the walk is a beautiful place even on a hot August morning. Becca and her husband Matt say the Riverwalk is one of the best things they've discovered about Tuscaloosa. I've made some comments below and will share more photos in another post. 

Designers seemed to have added a touch of Stonehenge to the area.

The river provides some great vistas.

A few of the more unusual trees are labelled. 

Signs of humans are everywhere; we saw two trees with numerous carvings.

Nice shelters are available.

Numerous benches are located along the walk.

Something for young children is provided as well.


  1. I love reading your articles, seeing the old photographs, and the beautiful pictures you take on your travels through Alabama. Thank you for making it available to everyone. I love Alabama ❤️

  2. Thanks for your note! Glad you enjoy the posts and photos...