Thursday, September 24, 2015

Movies with Alabama Connections (2): 100 Rifles

OK, ok, this "connection" is pretty minor, but get used to it; there will be more such postings. After all, there are a number of films where the state or one of its cities pops up briefly--Tuscaloosa as a joke in a Marx Brothers film, for instance.

That city appears in a joke in another movie, House of Bones. A crew of ghost hunters for a TV show are setting up their equipment in a haunted house, and two of them begin a discussion about the reality of supernatural phenomenon. One guy says to the other something along the lines of "The scariest thing I ever saw was a girl in a bar in Tuscaloosa."

Well. Don't you envy the kind of research I have to do to come up with this stuff?

Meanwhile, let's move along. Today's example of a fleeting Alabama film reference comes from 100 RiflesThis 1969 western was based on a novel by Robert MacLeod published three years earlier and stars Raquel Welch and two former football players, Jim Brown and Burt Reynolds.

Brown's gridiron career lasted a bit longer than Reynolds' did; in 2002, Sporting News declared him to be the greatest professional foootball player ever. Reynolds' college career ended with an injury in his first game at Florida State. However, both have done a fair amount of acting over the years.

Brown plays a deputy sheriff from Arizona who crosses into Mexico to find and arrest Reynolds' character, Yaqui Joe. Joe has robbed an Arizona bank to buy rifles for the Yaquis to help fight Mexican government repression. Yaqui Joe is actually a half-breed; his mother was Yaqui, but his father hailed from Alabama.

And there you have it. You can read more details about the film's story and behind the scenes during filming at the Wikipedia article linked above or the film's entry in the Spaghetti Western Database. I haven't seen the movie in a long time, but I remember it as being pretty good. I do happen to like westerns, but the presence of Raquel Welch is reason enough to watch.


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Source: Wikipedia 

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