Monday, April 25, 2016

Alabama Book Covers (11): "Alabam'" by Donald Henderson Clarke

So far all of the books and authors in this series have had solid connections to Alabama. This one is a bit more tangential. 

Donald Henderson Clarke [1887-1958] was an American journalist and novelist who wrote mysteries and romances. Many of his novels were adapted for the movies. 

The Internet Movie Database notes that the New York Supreme Court declared Henderson's 1933 novel Female obscene, a decision upheld on appeal. The book was filmed in that same year with Ruth Chatterton in the title role. 

Clarke published many other novels, including ones with titles like Confidential [1936], The Chastity of Gloria Boyd [1946] and Impatient Virgin [1931]. His books have been reprinted numerous times. You can see wonderful covers of some paperback editions here. Born in Massachusetts, Clarke was living in Florida when he died. 

Alabam' or Alabama first appeared in 1934. According to Clarke's Wikipedia entry, the book was translated into Czech that same year and published as Missis Alabam.

I have not seen this book and have no idea what it's about, but that blonde on the cover below may be the title character. There are a couple of inexpensive paperback copies of the book available on Amazon; perhaps I'll order one and find out.

Join me next time for the Further Adventures of Alabama Book Covers!

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