Thursday, July 13, 2017

Sunday Afternoon on Cloverdale Drive in 1959

I was born in Gadsden in 1952, but we only lived there a couple of years before dad got a job at Redstone Arsenal, and we moved to Huntsville. The house on Cloverdale Drive in these photos is the first one I remember from childhood. We lived in Redstone Park after first moving to Huntsville.

We lived at the Cloverdale house from about 1956 until 1962. I've previously written about the 1958 snowfall we experienced at Cloverdale. You can read that post and see better photos of the front of the house here. This time there's no snow, and it's apparently a sunny Sunday afternoon. We've probably just returned from church, and mom or dad decided pictures were in order before everyone changed clothes. 

Comments are below some of the photos. 

In these photos the parents take turns with the kids. Isn't there an eerie sense of unfamiliarity to old photographs of people you know, even yourself?

Here's the obligatory cheesy smile photo of younger brother Richard.

The alien ship landed over there, Daddy!

Just two brothers chillin' in their fashionable duds. 

I'm trying for an angelic look, I guess.

These final two photographs feature mom and I in relaxed and formal poses. 

I'm thinking, "Where are my sunglasses?"

Here's a recent view from Google Earth. I think our house may have been the one in the upper left on the corner of Cloverdale and Franz Avenue. I remember a big lot and the driveway on the right side of the house. 

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