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Alabama History & Culture News: July 20 edition

For a number of years I've been posting links to just-published Alabama history and culture articles to the "alabamahistory" group at Yahoo!Groups. Most of the articles are from newspapers, with others from magazines and tv and radio websites. You can subscribe to the emails there if you wish; I send out two or three a week along with relevant meeting announcements and so forth. 

Here's the latest batch:

Alabama author to write second book on Neil Armstrong
The Alabama author who wrote the biography of Neil Armstrong adapted last year into a major motion picture is wrapping up a second book about the ...

On this day in Alabama history: Apollo 11 lands on moon with Alabama boost
In a voyage that began with rockets developed at NASA's Marshall Space Flight Center in Huntsville, man landed on the moon. The Saturn V booster ...

ASU Celebrates Anniversary at Historical Birthplace in Marion
From the West Alabama Newsroom–. Alabama State University commemorates its 152nd birthday — with a pilgrimage to it's historical birthplace in ...

Apollo's legacy: A quiet corner of Alabama that is forever Germany
Apollo's legacy: A quiet corner of Alabama that is forever Germany ... Local NASA historian Brain Odom calls it the "Huntsville school of history."

On this day in Alabama history: Businessman John Harbert III was born
John Murdoch Harbert III was born in Greenville, Mississippi, and his family moved to Birmingham when he was a child. After serving in World War II, ...

Three banks are prominently featured, the True Reformers Bank (Virginia), Capital Savings Bank (Washington, D.C.) and the Alabama Penny Savings ...

Before Chappaquiddick, Mary Jo Kopechne inspired students in Alabama
Author and historian William Kashatus, who is writing a book about Kopechne, said she drew inspiration from John F. Kennedy's message of “ask what ..

UAH made Alabama more 'attractive' nationally, von Braun said
John Patterson, who was Alabama's governor in 1961, said it was a ... Von Braun's speech in Montgomery is a legendary part of Huntsville's history.

'Very stern and very fair:' Former Alabama State coach Houston Markham Jr. left clear legacy
Markham, the winningest coach in Alabama State football history, died Wednesday morning with loved ones by his side. He coached the Hornets from ...

Former Alabama State football coach Houston Markham passes away
Houston Markham Jr., the winningest head coach in Alabama State football history died Wednesday with loved ones by his side, according to an ...

Centuries-old Alabama cave on the Trail of Tears may contain secrets of Cherokee tribe
Manitou Cave contains recorded history history people first hear about in classrooms. We learn about the Trail of Tears, and that President Andrew ...

On this day in Alabama history: Camp McClellan was established in east Alabama
More than 27,000 men were training at the east Alabama base by the end of 1917. Camp McClellan was originally named in honor of U.S. Army Maj.

University of Alabama in Huntsville restoring historic audio recordings of Apollo program
The University of Alabama in Huntsville is restoring old recordings from the Apollo program that were starting to deteriorate. The restoration is part of ...

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