Monday, March 23, 2015

Easters Past in Alabama

I plan to do several posts related to holidays and their celebration in Alabama or parts of it. The first was a look at "A Vintage Valentine's Day in Birmingham." Next up is Easter; some historical goodies from the Digital Collections at the Alabama Department of Archives and History are below with information and/or comments. We've been sending Easter cards for a long time!

This postcard is dated April 6, 1912. 

This card dates prior to 1920.

This Easter egg hunt from the 1930s is taking place on the playground of the Cowikee Community House in Eufaula. The complex served the families in the Cowikee Cotton Mills village.

Company party for the families of employees at Gamble's, Inc., in Montgomery, March 25, 1967

Another of several photos on the ADAH site taken at that March 1967 Gamble's party. Adults could have fun, too!

This window display was at the Silver's store on Dexter Avenue in Montgomery; the photograph was taken on April 3, 1949.

Easter decorations inside the Church of the Ascension on Clanton Avenue in Montgomery, April 22, 1962

On April 8, 1917, Helen Keller wrote a letter to a Mrs. Burton in Montgomery. Apparently the lady had sent some Easter lilies, and Keller was responding to thank her. The flowers were "a message of hope that cheered me" when she was "grieving over the fearful world-tragedy." Two days earlier the United States had declared war on Germany and was thus about to enter the European war already in progress. 

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