Friday, February 10, 2017

Medical History in Birmingham: The List

I recently worked on a blog item fitting this general topic, and it dawned on me how many such posts I've done since I start this blog in March 2014. I've also published relevant items in other venues. I decided to bring them together in a single posting with links; perhaps I'll be doing something similar in other subjects. I'll try to keep this one updated as well.

So here we go....

Hektoen International series on "Famous Hospitals: Hillman Hospital

Profile of Dr. Lloyd Noland 
Important to public health in Birmingham for many years


  1. My paternal grandmother, a Miss Alma Hudson, trained to be a registered nurse in Birmingham before moving to Montevallo to marry in 1903. A local newspaper article at the time said that she had been a nurse at the Davis Infirmary, but I can find no mention of such a place on-line. Do you have any suggestions of where I might find more information about nurses'training in Birmingham around that time?

  2. Hello, Sara Pankaskie...very interesting! If you go to my blog post "Alabama Medical Ads in 1911" at the first illustration is the Davis Infirmary. This facility was operated by two physician brothers, William & John Davis. As luck would have it, I have written an entry on them for the Encyclopedia of Alabama, but it has yet to be edited & posted. Here's the relevant paragraph on the Infirmary from my draft: "In 1892 and 1893 William spent several months at the Holmes Sanitarium for Diseases of Women in Rome, Georgia. Using the well-known private facility as a model, the brothers opened the Davis and Davis Private Infirmary for female diseases and surgical cases. Located on 21st Street South in Birmingham, the facility operated for a decade until William’s death." As the ad notes, there was also nurse training at the Infirmary. Hope this helps.

  3. Dear A.J.,
    Thanks so much! This will be a nice addition to my family history. Would you be at all interested in having a picture of my grandmother in her nurse's uniform with seven other nurses?

    1. Thanks for your offer. I would indeed be interested in such a photo & whatever information you have about it. In fact, if you want to share a bit of other information & another photo or two about your grandmother I'd like to put together a blog post about her. Contact me at wrightaj21 at & we can discuss further!

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