Friday, September 1, 2017

Strange Things Found in Alabama Stores (3)

Here's my introduction to part 1 of this ongoing series. Part 2 is here

Going through some photographs recently I came across a couple of examples of the random things I encounter here and there in stores and other public places. When I do I take photos. I've decided to share some of them in a series of posts on this blog.

These images may strike many as just silly, and some are, but I prefer to call them strange, weird, unexpected, something different springing out of the halls of American commerce. Or whatever. Let's begin. 

Feel free to tell us about your own strange finds in the comment section!

Just like the Easter Island heads in part 2, I found this classic in Old Time Pottery in Pelham this past spring. Now wouldn't this look good on YOUR front porch?  

A bit of philosophy spotted in Old Time Pottery & I heartily agree with it.

Well, maybe this one is not so strange if you're a fan of the 1983 classic A Christmas Story. Wish I had these ornaments AND a real leg lamp! These were seen at 2nd & Charles in Hoover.

Even drug stores get into the strangeness sometimes!

Another classic! This poster is above one of the booths at the Smokey Hollow Restaurant in Jemison. The whole place is decorated in Route 66 chic. I've written about various adventures there in another blog post.

And I'll conclude this episode with these two cuties, spotted at a Home Accents store in Pelham. In a back corner, of course. 

Until next time!!

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