Monday, March 24, 2014

Junior High School Way Back When

The past can be a scary place, no scarrier than when you are looking at yourself.

Exhibits A and B: these two photos from my days at Davis Hills Junior High School [now Middle School] on Mastin Lake Road in Huntsville, Alabama, as documented in one of the yearbooks:

There I am, "Jay Wright," hiding behind those cool glasses and apparently closed eyes in the Student Council picture. I was probably thinking about how my photo was going to look in 40+ years.

I would have finished at Davis in 1966 I think and moved on to Lee High School, graduating there in May 1970. Funny, I don't remember what office I held that entitled me to be in the Student Council portrait. Thank goodness I didn't ride that success into a political career. [I did run for city council while living in Auburn in the 1970s, but that's a story for another day.] I'll have to dig out that yearbook and do some research. I started writing poetry and stuff early on, so that led me to the Creative Writing Club. Later I would spend some of my high school sentence--er, years--on the yearbook and literary magazine staffs.

I hope none of these people sue me for this post.

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